Great Blue Heron Nubbin SloughGreat Blue Hero at Nubbin Slough

Here you will find
collections of my photographs, which I
have taken over the years. As time goes by my techniques have
improved. I’ve set these galleries to music or nature
sounds to accompany the shows. I will be slowly adding photos and
galleries as time permits…hope your enjoy.


is a playlist of videos about the effort to repair the damage done to
the South Florida Ecosystem, and the battle to preserve what makes
Florida truly a natural wonder. None of these videos are mine, but they
do represent my passion for my states future.


Where The Kissimmee
River Meets Lake Okeechobee

You’ll notice that most of my photos
are nature shot’s. That’s because the
best place for me to commune with the
creator is in the wild…or as
close to wild as I can get.   If you enjoy my photos,
please feel free to comment, leave suggestions or criticisms.  Some day
I hope to own a
which will allow me to take much better pictures, and slowly, over the
years, my cameras have gotten better. I have learned patience through
this past time. I have also
learned to find pleasure in the natural world which surrounds us. I
appreciate input, whether good or bad. It helps me think about what I’m
doing, and how best to portray the magic that God has set before us.

Florida Burrowing Owl

If, in your wandering about the
great, wide internet, you come across my little corner of it, I hope
you find something to enjoy here. My simple purpose is to share my love
of nature, by photographing as much of it as possible, then posting it
here, and on the accompanying Facebook page, as a reminder of what we
risk loosing for our future generations, if we don’t do what is right
today. Out every window, and through every door lies a world of wonder,
if you only open your eyes, ears and heart. If you find wonder in what
you see here, then spread your wings, and begin to explore your world,
no matter how desolate it may appear to you now, for just around the
corner from where you live, may lie treasures worth looking for and
sharing. just remember…this is a work in constant progress.

I can finally say, that I own the
camera which I have dreamed of.
recently purchased the Canon
EOS Rebel T3i, 18 megapixel camera, with a 18-55 and 55-250 mm lenses. This feels like the beginning of a new
adventure. My passion for nature and the photographing of it has grown
stronger, year by year, and where I live, lends very well to this
passion. I am surrounded by millions of acres of land to explore, and
the rest of my life to do so. In particular, I have fallen in love with
the Kissimmee Prairie, which is just about a half an hours drive from
where I live. Every week, it seems that I learn of a new area to
explore in south Florida. Plus, I am meeting new people who enjoy the
same passion, all the time now. Thank you God, for the life allowed me,
and each new adventure laid before me. Now…let’s go shoot something.



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  1. Alex Farr says:

    This is just wonderful, Stephan! And you know we all truly enjoy your photographs.

  2. Wally says:

    What a wonderful website you have! Congratulations on the camera equipment! You have a terrific eye for nature and I suspect you will be very happy with that Canon!
    (Thank you very much for visiting our website and I’m sorry we have been away from exploring and blogging since April of this year. Hopefully, we will soon be back in the field.)

    I look forward to returning here often! And I’m totally jealous you only live a half hour from Kissimmee Prairie, one of the most beautiful spots on the planet!.

    • says:

      Thank you for visiting Wally, and yes I love Canon and that’s why I bought another recently after trying out a Nikon. I will continue to visit your page also, and yes the Prairie is a slice of heaven on Earth.

  3. I am not sure why wally send me a comment he wrote to you(I think) but i am glad it happened as I would be interested to see more of your photogrpahy around Florida. I live in N. Ireland but hope someday that I may visit your wonderful natural area. I am enjoying the videos

    • says:

      Thank you so much Margaret. I am from Florida, but lived many years away from here promising to never to return to my home state, after all the horrible things which have been done to the land here. After coming to south Florida, not knowing how long I’d stay, I fell in love with our wild places, and the millions of acres of it down here. The only other place that has ever touched my heart in the same way, was when I lived in Alaska. But I am home now, and here I will stay, spending the rest of my life recording all of Gods work here, as a reminder of what we may yet loose, if we do not mend our evil ways. I hope you get to some day come and visit this incredible land. I have Irish blood in my veins, and have always wanted to come there to visit. I am descended from two tribes treated badly in early America…the Irish and the Sioux. What a combination…right? Thank you for your kind words dear lady.

  4. Thomas Derry says:

    you have a truly wonderful eye. We met Saturday 10- 1- 2016 at the pier in Okeechobee I hope you don’t mind if I draw some of your pictures… You have a true gift……… Tom Derry

    • says:

      Thank you for your kind words Thomas, and yes, feel free to draw what you like, I would be honored.

      Stephen Worthington

  5. Sam Hay says:

    Stephen, we enjoyed meeting you two days ago along Taylor Creek. Seeing that gator with an otter in its jaws was exciting indeed. I still haven’t had time to look at your pages, will look forward to that opportunity when we get back to town in a few days. Will hope also to bump into you again soon.

    • says:

      Good meeting you too. Hope you keep having great adventures in the heart of Florida, and yes, hope we meet on the trail again Sam.

  6. shonda says:

    Hello, I found your video of Arnold’s Wildlife on youtube, I would like to get permission to use this video on a webpage that we are creating for Ms. Arnold as a capstone project for a college class. Please and thank you.

    • says:

      I believe that I have two on Arnold’s Wildlife Rehab Center Shonda, but you can use either one, just be sure that any copyright info or links are left intact, and if possible, I would like to see the final results. Good luck on your capstone project and graduation, I know that you must be both anxious and excited.

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